Caraval is quite unlike other books you’ve read and will sweep you away in the story from the outset. It’s book one of two and it is refreshing to see an author who, bucking the trend on unnecessary trilogies, gives a series the length needed to properly tell the tale. The setting is similar to The Night Circus, but there’s a real piratical adventure feel to Caraval.

Great for fans of Melissa Meyer, Maggie Stiefvater, & Sarah J Maas.

Book Review

by Kit, our books buyer

A sweeping fantasy adventure filled twists, turns, turns, swashbuckling, & romance.

After years of letters begging the mastermind behind them, Scarlett has finally been invited to see Caraval – a fabled performance where the audience are the participates of the games. With the help of a mysterious sailor Scarlett & her sister Tella are able to escape the tiny island that has been the only home they’ve ever known and set out to the distant lands where Caraval will be held. And when saving Tella becomes the goal of the games, real or not, Scarlett will throw everything she’s got on the line to win.

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