Virgin Megastore Cover

Protect Your Valuable devices with Peace of Mind. Ultimate products protection plans starting from OMR2

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What is Virgin Megastore Cover?

Virgin Megastore Cover offers comprehensive gadget insurance to protect your prized devices. Virgin Megastore Cover protects your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other electronic devices against accidental damage, and other unanticipated disasters.

Protect your investment and make sure you're covered in the event of a catastrophe or an emergency.

What are the benefits?

With Virgin Megastore Cover, you can get repairs, replacements, or financial reimbursement, allowing you to stay connected and productive without worry. Don't leave your devices unprotected – explore our device insurance options today and enjoy the confidence of knowing your devices are well taken care of.












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How do I make a claim?

Get in touch with the client by sending an email to claims@amnly.com . We will carry out an initial assessment of your claim. Should we be able to help you out over email, we will do so.

Should your product require repair, reimbursement or additional assistance, You will need to fill out a claim form and allow AMNLY to service your claim.

How do I make a complaint?

If you have a complaint about your policy, you can visit any Virgin Megastore branch to be assisted. Full details of our claim procedure can be found under the Service Contract (section 1).

Service contract literature

  • The Service Contract which is also referred to as Extended Warranty “EW” and/or Accidental Damage from Handling “ADH” will indemnify the Customer, for both parts and labor, if the eligible Item fails to operate, due to any sudden and unforeseen mechanical or electrical breakdown after the expiry of manufacturer warranty and/or Accidental Damage from Handling (depending on which plan was chosen at the time of purchase), not caused by or arising out of any exclusions stated below, occurring during its validity.

In the event of breakdown

  • Customer must check the manufacturer’s instructions and make sure the controls are properly set.
  • Customer must ensure it is not something that he or she can correct by their-self.
  • In order to be eligible under the Service Contract Customer must report the breakdown immediately after its occurrence.
  • Customer may email claims@amnly.com or call +971 4581 3613 for any support, guidance or inquiry to proceed with the claim.
  • Customer must present the faulty Item to the nearest Virgin Megastore branch or have the Item ready for collection if Item is not hand-carry. The original purchase receipt & personal ID will be required to proceed with the claim.
  • Customer should collect the Item from the same drop-off point after repair, alternatively AMNLY will arrange delivery if item is not hand-carry.
  • Repairs must only be carried out by authorized service centers of relevant Items assigned by AMNLY.
  • In-home service will be provided for all types of large products, if possible.
  • If the breakdown is not covered by the Service Contract, the Customer will be charged for the cost of repair should Customer agree to proceed with the repair.
  • If the claim occurs outside the country of purchase, the Customer must communicate with AMNLY via e-mail, enclosing the documents with an explanation of the malfunction and based on which the approval or rejection will be made based on the terms of the contract, If approved then the Customer must email AMNLY the claim and the electronically printed invoice to AMNLY’s email ID(claims@amnly.com), the Customer is reimbursed based on the value of the final invoice or the estimated value in the country of purchase (whichever is less) via a bank transfer to The Customer’s account.



  • The total repair cost payable under the Service Contract shall not exceed the purchase price of the Item, no limits on number of claims for Extended Warranty and a limit of 2 claims for Accidental Damage from Handling.
  • If the costs of repairing the Item including the spare parts and labor are more than or equal to the market price of the Item covered by the Service Contract, then AMNLY is entitled to classify the Item as total loss and compensate the Customer with a similar new or used Item after deducting the depreciation rate.


Extended Warranty

  • Depreciation: of 15% for year 1, 25% for year 2, 40% for year 3, 55% for year 4, calculated from date of purchase.
  • Deductible: Nil.

Accidental Damage Handling

  • Depreciation of 25% for year 1, 40% for year 2 & 75% for year 3, calculated from date of purchase
  • Deductible: 10 OMR.

1. Extended Warranty Exclusions

  • 1.1 Cosmetic damage including but not limited to damage to paintwork or dents or scratches and any physical damage (major or minor) where the manufacturer warranty extension is deemed void.

2. Accidental Damage from Handling Warranty Exclusions

  • 2.1 Combined damages such as a screen crack combined with liquid associated damage. i.e. Claims shall not cover 2 incidents in one claim however and for example if the incident is relevant to front screen and back cover broken occurring in one incident then this is an acceptable claim but if the technical report declares 2 separate damages such as screen damage and liquid damage even if it was one incident then it would be not an eligible claim due to the different nature of damages.
  • 2.2 Full liquid immersion.
  • 2.3 Cosmetic damage including but not limited to damage to paintwork or dents or scratches.
  • 2.4 Damages occurred while Item is left unattended or while not used for its intended purpose.

3. General Exclusions

  • 3.1 Any liability for damage caused by non-approved alterations or modifications to the manufacturer’s specification unless such alterations or modifications are approved by AMNLY in writing.
  • 3.2 Any liability for any damage caused by war risks, sonic booms or nuclear radiation
  • 3.3 Any liability for losses which are covered under the Item manufacturer’s warranty or similar guarantee.
  • 3.4 Loss, theft or damage caused by wear and tear or normal deterioration.
  • 3.5 Accessories used in or with the Item unless covered under a separate contract.
  • 3.6 Routine maintenance and cleaning.
  • 3.7 Any defect caused as a result of improper usage, negligence, transit/transportation damage and wilful misuse
  • 3.8 Damage caused by extraneous perils such as explosion, flood, earthquake, sand or other natural calamities, voltage fluctuation and malicious damage.
  • 3.9 Reception or transmission problems resulting from external causes/perils.
  • 3.10 Data/hardware corruption arising due to computer virus infection.
  • 3.11 The Serial Number/Model number of the Item has been tampered with or removed.
  • 3.12 Any defect caused by usage of wrong power supply, voltage, corrosion, rust or stains or any problem with supply of electricity.
  • 3.13 Any Item, which has been used for commercial or rental purposes.
  • 3.14 Item is being recalled by the manufacturer.
  • 3.15 Claims arising from the failure to follow manufacturer’s instructions.
  • 3.16 Costs, if no fault is found in the Item. i.e. In the event Service Center does not determine any fault, or the fault is not within the scope of coverage thus the repair if any or logistics cost shall be borne by the Customer if Customer choses to repair.
  • 3.17 Repairs carried out without prior approval from AMNLY and unauthorized repairs performed by third parties.
  • 3.18 Loss or damage to recording media, software or data, software defects or software generated problems.
  • 3.19 Any loss or damage to a person or property, direct, consequential or incidental damages arising from the use of or inability to use the Item.
  • 3.20 Any Item, which did not have manufacturer’s warranty at the time of purchase.


If the Customer makes a claim, knowing it to be false and/or fraudulent as regards the value or the amount of work or otherwise, the Service Contract is deemed to be cancelled from inception without return of cost paid and the Customer must return all claim payments received till such cancellation.